Sarah Jones

Project Director @ National Student Housing Survey

    Sarah has over a decade’s professional research experience, including within the UK’s largest media agency. She has been instrumental in designing and running many studies for both commercial and non-commercial clients including major UK and international brands.

    Since joining Red Brick, she has taken leadership in the development of our major quant projects across the HE and student accommodation sectors and is currently directing the National Student Housing Survey (NSHS) including leading on the global expansion of the project.

    The NSHS is a bi-annual survey of students in HE about their accommodation experience. It is one of the largest student surveys in the UK and is now an international study running across the UK, ROI (NSHS Ireland), Australia and Spain with other markets soon to be launched.

    Sarah will be giving you a preview of some of the key findings from our latest report which draws on over 10 years of rich data and trends from the NSHS, including what students expect and how accommodation impacts on the student experience.